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"I have been Dr. Derrick's patient for over three years. She is at the top of her field and is also the kindest and most attentive doctor that I've ever had. She gives every patient all of her attention and connects on a human level. She really listens and takes your care on as her absolute priority. I've had four vascular surgery procedures and seven sclerotherapy procedures with her. I trust her completely and will always come to her for my vascular health. Give yourself the rare experience of working with such a warm and wonderful doctor."

Kelley Moline

"Dr. Derrick and her amazing team took such excellent care of me. From the attentive pre-op appointments to checking in with me throughout the surgery, they made me feel at ease. Each of them showed genuine interest in me personally, and made me feel important. And, Dr. Derrick is simply incredible! She is so compassionate and thoughtful, and she talked me through the whole procedure—and answered my question of how much longer the surgery would be with the fact that it had already concluded! I cannot recommend BoxBar, Dr. Derrick, and her team enough! Thank you all!!"

Camille DeYoung

"I recently had the privilege of visiting the vascular surgeon office, and I must say, the experience exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I stepped through the door, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine sense of care from the staff. Their professionalism and dedication made me feel comfortable which is appreciated! I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for the exceptional care provided by the staff at boxbar vascular. Their dedication to patient well-being and their commitment to excellence truly sets them apart. The seamless coordination between the staff members, the surgeon's expertise, and the positive surgical outcome have left me with a lasting impression."

Chalencia Moss

Dr. Derrick and team are far and above the most compassionate, attentive, genuine medical team I have had the privilege of working with. Throughout multiple appointments and procedures they have never wavered in the level of care they provide. Dr. Derrick is an active listener who will seamlessly guide you through every step in the process of your care. In a climate where it is often hard to find medical professionals that take patients seriously, Dr. Derrick and her team are setting the bar high. This is the type of provider I wish I could see for all that ails me, I’ve yet to find another that so flawlessly cares for your physical needs while providing the guidance and knowledge that assuage most if not all anxiety surrounding that care.

Samantha Short

"Dr. Ellen Derrick is the best! She's so good at what she does, she's personable, and she really cares for her patients. She's gone above and beyond for me, so I can't recommend her enough!"


"Dr. Derrick and her team at Boxbar have been a pleasure to work with. I most recently had a venaseal treatment in both legs and I can already feel relief from my varicose vein symptoms. Everyone at Boxbar has treated me with so much kindness and every treatment I have received here has given me the results I was looking for!"

Sayward Glise

"I rarely write reviews, however when I am extremely pleased with a product or service, I feel it necessary to share with others that may benefit as I did. I am an older and very active guy and do all kinds of sports and outdoor activity. I was diagnosed with venous insufficiency. In other words, my veins in my legs were diseased and not working properly. The result was swollen legs which was nuisance and uncomfortable. Dr. Ellen Derrick and her staff were wonderful to work with. They quickly diagnosed my problem and thoroughly explain my options. She first had me wear compression socks for 3 months (I don’t like wearing them). After the 3 months she reconfirmed my diagnosis with ultrasound and then scheduled me for the thermal ablation to rid my body of the diseased veins. If this sound crazy, I thought it was too, but the reality I needed this procedure. The procedure went exactly as Dr. Derrick said it would and I am very happy with the results. If your diagnosis is Venous Insufficiency, have Dr. Derrick take care of you. Dr. Derric is a pro. I feel great and zero regrets."

George Spano

"Dr. Ellen Derrick and her entire staff are incredibly kind, attentive and professional. I am so glad I found them. I have had increasingly severe leg pain for the past four years. I used to walk 3-5 miles a day but had to stop once the pain began to worsen. I now have to walk with a cane or walker. I was sent for many tests, to many specialists and even several months of physical therapy. The pain and inflammation still increased. One doctor finally determined I had a condition called Lipedema which, as with varicose veins, also causes pain in the legs. My surgeon who is treating me for Lipedema referred me to Dr. Derrick to have my veins treated first. I was thrilled to learn from Dr. Derrick that the vein surgery should relieve most, if not all, the pain. For anyone living with chronic leg pain, I highly recommend Dr. Ellen Derrick. She and her staff have worked hard to get me the treatment I need as soon as possible."

Carol Houlton

"I can't say enough great things about this place! After consulting with numerous doctors about my varicose veins, I was left feeling uncertain and frustrated. I came across Boxbar Vascular on Google and decided to give one more place another try. I am incredibly happy that I did. Dr. Derrick not only demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of my condition within minutes but also made the entire process remarkably smooth. She not only has an incredible understanding of her work but is by far the sweetest physician out there. Do not think twice, go to her for all your vascular needs! My results are 10/10!"

Aaron Shoemaker

"I recently had a pearl genesis laser facial treatment and Dr. Derrick and Boxbar were absolutely amazing. She even followed up with me personally to check on my progress from the procedure. The first week after the treatment looks like a bad sunburn, but I was thrilled with the results after another week. It is rare these days to get such personal care with followup and I've included pics of the progress. Thank you Dr. Derrick & Boxbar!"

Amy Baker

"I came to Boxbar after finding the wait time for an internal referral to be far too long. It took a little while to get an appointment (maybe a month?), but once I had my initial consult and had met Dr Derrick and her staff, things moved quickly. I was able to get the procedures I needed scheduled before the end of the year (very important to me) and Dr Derrick even opened the office on a Saturday to get some procedures done before the end of the year. I especially appreciated this, as it kept my cost low and took some of the time pressure off. I had two procedures done; I would say the first one was routine, minimally invasive, and not painful. The second one was not as smooth, but Dr Derrick and her staff provided excellent care, both in the moment, and in the days/weeks following when I had follow-up questions. I just had my 1-month follow-up today, and again I was struck by the quality of care. I never felt rushed in any of my interactions with Dr Derrick and her staff, and outside of kerfuffle or two with appointments (which we resolved agreeably), I can't think of a way in which the experience could be better. If you need to see Dr Derrick, I highly recommend her; she has a great bedside manner and both she and her staff obviously care deeply about providing the best experience possible to their patients."

Sean O'Neill

"I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding care I receive at Box Bar Vascular. From the moment I walked through their doors, I knew I was in good hands. The professionalism and thoughtful approach to treatment and care exhibited by the entire staff, and Dr. Derrick were truly remarkable. They went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and well-being throughout my entire treatment journey. The office space is well-designed, creating a calming atmosphere that helped alleviate any anxiety I may have had. Their attentiveness and willingness to address any concerns or questions I had made a world of difference during my time. Dr. Derrick, whose exceptional skill and genuine nature left a lasting impression on me. Her expertise in the field of vascular medicine was evident in the thoroughness of her evaluations and the effectiveness of her treatments. Dr. Derrick's compassionate and understanding demeanor made me feel comfortable discussing my condition, and she took the time to explain the treatment options in a way that was easy to understand. Overall, my experience at was nothing short of exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Boxbar Vascular to anyone in need of vascular care. Thank you once again for making my journey to better health (and cuter legs) a positive one."

Nathan Messerschmidt

"Without a doubt the best experience I have had with medical care in my life. The entire staff are so kind and caring. I’ve been several times to get a lipedema diagnosis and vein ultrasounds and a vein ablation. Every single time I’ve left I’ve wished every interaction with a medical professional was this excellent."

Amanda Rose

"Having vascular surgery can be scary and vulnerable. I have had a few in other local practices (big hospitals). I needed a better experience this time - more personal, less painful, fewer insurance hassles, and of course better outcomes! This clinic hit every single one of these marks. I am so delighted with how this went- highly recommend!"

Marleah Angelov